Lots of small progress around here. A sweater finished and blocked (though I’m sorry to say that it still needs its ends woven.)

A man who will try on a wool sweater when it’s 90 degrees outside probably deserves one, yes?

Knitting continues slowly on the to-be-embroidered sweater. It has now grown too big for train knitting, at least until I get to the sleeves. This means that it goes a bit more slowly, but the shorter rows are helping.

I’ve also been spinning away on the Briar Rose seconds, and have ended up with about 1300 yards of three-ply fingering weight. I don’t know yet what this is to become, but I do love the colors and can’t wait to use it for something.

And finally, I may be tottering toward a new rabbithole:

Our first experiment in home-brewed rootbeer came out flat, but it has new yeast and a bit more sugar, and we’ll try again. It truly is an art, and one that I’m excited to learn. I love cultures, but have given up both sourdough and cheesemaking since discovering the food intolerances (not much point in making things you can’t have). Now, reading these books, I’m thinking that there might be other interesting things to try. So many things to learn!