I may have mentioned that I haven’t been knitting all that much lately. I technically have a project on the needles, and I’m excited about finishing it, and it is very close. I even have it in my bag so I can knit on the train. The stars are aligned, and all the pieces are in place.

And yet, somehow, it just hasn’t been happening. I have skeins of yarn scattered all over my office that have been swatched and rejected, or that are waiting to be swatched for some project or another, but nothing has jumped forward.

And then, I spun that skein of corespun yarn a few weeks ago. I was feeling lazy, so I didn’t put it away. Something about it was tickling at the back of my mind.

It sat there quietly for a week, and then it whispered that it might go well with some yarn I spun two years ago for a sweater to wear to my sister’s wedding. The project didn’t swatch up the way I wanted, and so the yarn had been tucked away to wait for the perfect moment.

(Sorry for the terrible light…the first picture is much truer to color…that coverlet is actually beige.)

But there wasn’t much of that corespun; only about 20 yards. Not much at all, really. But what if I threw in a couple of the batts that I carded up last spring?

There isn’t much fiber there; the batts look huge because they’re so puffy, but I don’t think they’re more than 4 oz total. Still, they match the other yarn, and together they look like the colors of the ocean. The yarns are completely different weights, and the corespun is very uneven (not my usual knitting yarn), but I think it will give a nice extra bit of texture if used carefully as an accent.

And all of a sudden, I have a swatch.

That’s about all I have, really. This is like the spiral stripes sweater in that it isn’t really a design; more of an idea and a prayer, and a rather fuzzy idea at that. But what I can see of it is an idea that I like a lot. And sometimes, that’s all you need.