A spark of flame to warm a cold winter day. A flash of color in the midst of the grey.

Inspired by the vibrant personality of a dear friend, Cinnamon Spice is a lace scarf that is sure to brighten your winter and keep you warm. Knit from a lightweight alpaca, it is both open and airy and cozy warm. The lace is simple enough for a beginner (requiring only yo, k2tog, and ssk), but produces a richly textured fabric to gratify an expert.

A garter stitch edging stabilizes the lace and frames the undulating edges of the scarf, but does tend to fold behind the knitting when the final piece is worn. If your scarf must lie perfectly flat before you can be happy with it, this might not be the one for you (see picture below). If you love a piece with folds and added dimension, it will suit you well.

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