Shanti is the sanskrit word for peace, tranquility, or bliss. It’s a moment of simply being, of rooting down into your own presence and finding your center.

The Shanti scarf is second in the Namaste series, a sister version of Drishdi. It is knit in a larger size so that it is big enough to be worn year-round as a wrap or a stole in overly air-conditioned offices, and it doubles as a scarf in the winter months. Simple and rhythmic to knit, it allows you to settle deep into the act of creation while enjoying the beauty of your yarn.

In keeping with the Namaste series tradition of simple elegance, Shanti is knit with only k, yo, and k2tog stitches. The pattern is worked on both sides, so the piece is fully reversible. It can be blocked very open or left dense and springy to highlight the texture. Gauge is very flexible, and this pattern would work with any number of yarn substitutions.

Choose your favorite yarn, and settle in for some knitting bliss.

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