If I had only one word to sum up the experience of spinning Polwarth, it would be this: Loft.

Fortunately, I have many more words, including soft, and squooshy, and bounce, and…did I mention soft?

This is definitely going on my list of fibers to spin again. The yarn ended up heavier than I’d expected (diameter-wise), in part because the fiber bounced back so much with plying. I ended up with a little over 600 yards of heavy fingering (10-11 wpi?) from my 8 oz. of fiber.

The unbloggable project is coming on apace, and it’s making me crazy that I can’t talk about it! Fortunately, it’s on track for delivery late this week rather than next, so hopefully there will be pictures to show soon. For now, let’s just say that sometimes “frogging” is so worth it.