This yarn is definitely asking what it should be.

Ekgheiy says a hat. It would make a great hat. And I could really use a hat in Madison this winter. Half of my brain is cheering loudly for a hat.

The other half? Muttering about how I never wear hats.

(The other side just chimed in to say that I’d better start wearing hats if I’m planning to live in the Midwest in the winter. It’s probably right.)

So I’ve been wondering. If I were to wear a hat, what kind of hat would I wear?

Not a beanie.

Not a skullcap.

Not one with a pom pom.

Not a cloche.

Maybe a tam? Or a beret?

I’ve thought about making tams before. If I were to become a hat person, I’d probably start there. Branden makes a funny face every time I mention them, though.

Then again, he used to make funny faces about coconut, olives, dates, and a variety of other things that he now likes. The face might not be a very good indicator.

Still, I keep getting a nagging feeling that this yarn might want to be more than “just” a hat. It looks like I will have enough for something bigger, too. When I finished it, I wound it back into one skein, and there’s a lot of yarn there.

(This cat was added partly for scale and partly because I couldn’t keep her out of the picture. She was determined to get her blog time. Wouldn’t want her sister to get all the attention, now, would we?)

The yarn has also been whispering something about lace.

So I’m dragging my heels. Waiting for the right moment, the right project. Sauntering through the stitch dictionaries, idly kicking ideas down the fiber-strewn path ahead, wondering what will be.