Happy 2010! I hope the new year finds you happy and well rested. I’m enjoying the second long weekend; looking forward to some quality knitting time.

Everyone is looking back over the past year, and posting resolutions and goals for the coming one. I don’t generally make New Years resolutions; I do better with general guidelines than “to do’s” on my list (which tend to stress me out, and thus get ignored). The word itself has been appealing to me lately; I’ve found myself rolling it around and around on my tongue, thinking about all the meanings it holds.

A resolution can be something you decide to do, or it can be an answer to a conflict or problem. I use it most to discuss precision and accuracy – speaking about an instruments’ resolution, or the resolution of a picture.

That last meaning in particular brings me back to the new year, and embodies some of the things that I’m hoping for in 2010. 2009 was all a bit of a blur to me; there was teaching, and writing, and thesis, and Germany, and now postdoc. I’ve lived in three cities and two countries, worked two jobs and been unemployed. There have been lots of transitions, and things just seemed to speed by faster than I could follow.

For 2010, I’m hoping for more resolution; a more fine-grained, detailed look at life. I want to slow down and enjoy the moments that sum up into days and years. Some long-standing, chronic health issues are finally beginning to resolve themselves, and I’m really looking forward to a year where I feel so much better. I think this will be a year of intentional living, of reassessment, of planning. One that begins a little blurry around the edges, but will end with clarity and focus.

And, in the next post, I resolve to talk at least a little bit about knitting. Happy New Year!