There’s going to be a bit of a frog party ’round here.


Because I have avoided the shawl for an entire week now rather than just pulling it out and working back through the join, and I am realizing just how silly it is to spend a whole week not knitting because I don’t feel like ripping back and working through the problem.

There’s no need for a week with no knitting. It’s two or three hours to rework the join, and only a little bit of recharting. All I need to do is stop pretending that I’m still undecided and just pull it out, already. So that’s what I’m going to do.

I also realized that the Kauni sweater needs to come out. I’ve been working on it here and there, in guild meetings and knit nights where lace is a little too complicated. Lately, I only knit on it when I don’t have a sock or anything else to work on. In short, I knit it when I’m desperate to knit on something, not when I want to work on this project. I took the sweater on the bus last week, and it hit me that I really just don’t want to knit it anymore. It has slowly slipped into the lost cause of not-fun knitting.

I think I’ve been avoiding the ripping just because there are lots (and lots, and lots) of stitches in this piece already. And, in principle, I still like it. I love the color, I like the stitch pattern, and it’s making a pretty nice fabric.   I’m not absolutely sure that the fit is working out, but it can be tweaked later. And I’d really like to finish a sweater. (It’s been a year since I finished the last sweater that I knit for myself. ) But I don’t want to finish this sweater, so its time has come.

I started a new sock this week. It’s been frogged and re-started three times now.

Seems to be a theme lately.

I’m actually looking forward to the frogging, despite the loss of stitches. I’m ready to be done with the things that aren’t working out, ready to clean the slate and start again on something I’m excited about. Maybe it’s the spring in the air, maybe it’s just my mood at the moment, but I’m ready for a fresh start.

I think it’s time to party!