This has been a slow week in terms of knitting. We’re deep into the crunch of the midsemester, and if something isn’t already set up and planned, then it doesn’t happen. I thought I had a good mindless project ready to go, but realized a few hours in that it just wasn’t going to do what I want. And so, this was a no-knitting week.

I did get a little spinning done yesterday, on some Rambouillet top that I found in the latest stash toss. It’s not quite to the plying point yet, but it’s closer than it was. Two bobbins isn’t too much to fill. I’m hoping for a new skein of yarn next week, at least.

Other than that, it’s been quiet around here. The recent burst of projects seems to have slowed, though I’m not sure it’s stopped. Spring break is only a couple of weeks away, so I’ll have some time to breathe and get back on my knitting feet.

There’s a sweater idea tickling away at the back of my mind, but it has to be spun first. I pulled the main color of fiber out of the stash yesterday. I just need to spend some quality time with the drum carder, and I’ll have another spinning project to go. I’d like this to be a spring sweater, but spring is coming up fast. We had another ten inches of snow on Tuesday this week, but this weekend we’ve lost almost as much to the first big spring melt. I’ve been measuring the progress by the fence rails in the front yard; the snow was up to the second rail at its highest, but there’s only a foot or so left. The water has been running like rivers off the roof and even the big icicles are gone. The bumps in the back yard are starting to take on the shape of a garden again, though it’s still too early to see the actual beds.

But soon. Winter is putting up a good fight, but spring is coming. The sun comes back a little more each day, and the songbirds are coming north from their winter retreat. There’s probably another month of winter left, maybe a little more. That’s plenty of time to spin and knit a sweater, don’t you think?