I can now officially stop whining that Boston never gets any snow. We’ve had about 4 snowfalls this year that left more than 1/4 inch, and after each one it warmed up and all of the snow was gone in a day or two. I think this will take a little longer to melt, though.

That’s the view out our front door. That fence is almost as high as my hip, and you can see our car over on the right if you squint.

The impending storm meant that school was cancelled yesterday, and so I spent the day cozily working away in my office at home.  My grading is half done, at least.

We have some shoveling to do, and then we’ll spend the rest of the day tucked in here. Even if we wanted to, we couldn’t go out. They’ve shut down all of the roads, and it’s a $500 fine if you’re out and about during the storm.

The snow is still falling, and blowing around in drifts. We’re lucky that we’re pretty far from the coast; some of the towns along the waterfront are without power and/or are expecting flooding with the next high tide.

I do love the snow, though. I’ve missed waking up once a week to new snowfall like I did in Madison. It doesn’t feel like winter without it, and the world is so much prettier with a fresh dusting of white.

I have gotten some knitting done since my last post. In fact, I have been meaning to post since Sunday; this has been one of those weeks where you look up and suddenly it’s Friday and you wonder how it happened. We’re just entering the busy part of the semester, so time is suddenly slipping by faster than I expect.

Despite multiple froggings, I did manage to finish the new alpaca scarf.

I’ve even worn it twice, and can attest to its warmth. Sometimes I find alpaca a bit on the itchy side, but this is a very nice prep with almost no guard hairs, and it’s lovely. I think I knit that last foot about three times overall, but it is finished, and saved from another 5 years in the stash.

I’ve also been working away on the edits to the Mike sweater.

Both the sleeves and the body were a few inches too short, but I am out of the lighter yarn. I did have some of the dark yarn left, though, so I decided to widen the dark body band. Instead of pulling out the whole lower part of the sweater, I used one of my favorite tricks and snipped a stitch.

One tiny stitch, and then unpicking a row all the way around.

Then I picked up the live stitches and knit on, adding about 4″ to the dark body stripe, with a couple of accent rows along the way.

Last night, I finished grafting the body back on and unpicked a sleeve. With nowhere to go, I might even finish this project today.

I’m kind of liking these fast-finish projects lately. A little work here or there, and suddenly I have a newly-FO. I’m not sure how much editing of knitwear I want to do, but I do have to say that it’s helping me feel like I’m getting somewhere, even when I don’t have much time to knit. And there are some other sweaters in my closet that I’ve been meaning to rework for quite some time…