I wish I were a sock knitter. I love knitted socks. They’re a great way to swatch out a new stitch pattern, and they’re always a quick little project, which is really nice when you’re like me and always have a sweater or something huge on the needles. And yet I can’t seem to get into them. I look at all the pretty sock patterns, and the sock yarns, and the books, and I think how much fun it would be to make them…if only I really liked knitting socks. It’s too bad, really. I have only made two pair, and I keep telling myself that I should try again, but I’m just not excited. I wore my two pair this week to convince myself that I love them and I want to make more. And I do love them, but I’m still not sure that I want to start a new pair.

These are my favorites, Trekking XXL yarn, in the drooping elm leaf pattern from (where else?) the second book in the Walker series.

The other pair is also Trekking XXL, and no special stitches here, really. These were my first socks, and I was pretty happy with how the heel turned and the fact that they actually fit, considering that I had never really seen how socks were put together, and just made it up as I went along. I used short rows around the heel, and it worked out pretty well for something that I was just winging as I went along. I was also thrilled that the colors line up; it can be so hard to make both look alike with variegated yarn, but these were just perfect, and I didn’t even try. I love it when that happens.

Both pair were quick and easy, and even fun, but I’m just not in love with socks. I am in love with lace, and you’d think that lacy socks would be just the thing to try out new patterns (and lots of fun to wear), but I just can’t make myself want to try it. I guess that’s ok, but I really want to like socks, because I can see lots of reasons that they’d be good for in-between projects (not to mention warm and cozy feet!) Maybe one of these days I’ll get bitten by the sock bug. I’m constantly hoping. I do have some very nice brown Trekking in my yarn bag, so I may just have to give it one more try. But first, Branden’s handwarmers. I can’t wait to get that Alpaca on the needles!