Have you noticed that the sun is back? Just barely, but it’s back! It is now light out when I get up at 7:30, and dusk when I leave work at 6:15. Yay for sunshine! Not to mention the fact that it’s been darned cold for Seattle lately, which means that the sun has been out each of the past 3 days. Also, note that I say darned cold for Seattle. This is really nothing like cold, but it does mean that my windbreaker is just a little too thin for standing at the bus, unless I’m in the sun. It was cold enough to make yesterday very chilly indoors when our heater decided to take the day off. Thankfully it’s running again now, so I feel a little less like I’ve been swallowed by a pile of blankets.

And, how can winter feel long when I have such beautiful tomatoes on my windowsill?

And those 3 pots full o’ dirt? Two of them are peas, one is lettuce. It may take a few more months for spring to hit the front yard, but it’s going to be starting in my kitchen in a couple of weeks. I love windowsill gardens. =)