While we were in PEI, we went into several local art galleries and craft shops. I took these photos with my friend’s camera, and didn’t want to hold up the last blog post until I got them from her, but they’re worth a post of their own.

There were many wonderful things made by the artists of PEI, but these stitch paintings by Margaret England really caught my eye.

Aren’t they fabulous? At first, I thought they were photos or even oil paintings, but on closer inspection they turned out to be layers and layers of fabric, with intricate details and additional dimension added using stitches in colored thread. I’ve never seen anything quite like them, and they’re just beautiful. The texture of the stitches gave the images a depth that they wouldn’t otherwise have had, and the intricacy of the work really brought out the details (just look at that owl!) There were so many fun things on the island, but I think that these were my favorites. There are so many things to do with textile art!