In two days, we have gone from early May to mid-August, from wanting a fleece on to wondering if we’ve somehow been transplanted to Florida in secret. (Ok, Florida is hotter than it was here. I know. But it broke into the 90’s and it was humid, and what can I say? If living in Seattle for 4 years doesn’t make a weather wimp out of you, I don’t know what will!)

My tomatoes are ripening fast. Our first cherry tomatoes should be ready tomorrow. The peas are rocketing to the skies, and are covered in pods. I picked my first basil tonight.

The farmer’s market is full of the first fruits of the season. We fell down a bit on Sunday.

Those bing cherries became a pie. See that beautifully crimped and latticed crust? Branden is so good at that part. I make the dough, but he makes it pretty. You almost don’t want to cut into it.


And the strawberries became smoothies. More strawberries for breakfasts this week. One of the best things about eating foods that are in season is that we really enjoy them when they are here. The season is short, and so we feast on fruit while it lasts.

I also couldn’t resist the breakfast pizza idea. A little ricotta cheese with sugar and almond extract, and some cherry jam left over from last summer atop a sweet bread crust made a lovely Sunday brunch.

Did I say feast?

Some knitting has gotten done, but not much. I am halfway through the second sleeve:

And I cast on for some lace. It is, after all, summer now. I have nothing to show there, I’m afraid…I have literally cast on, and that’s it so far. But the Honeybee Stole is begun.

In other news, kittens are dirty little creatures. Or at least this bunch is. They literally dive into their wet food, and they don’t clean. That means lots of spongebaths. And tonight, even a real bath in the sink. They didn’t like that much, but I am so glad that they’re actually clean! Oh, wait. We need to feed them again. Sigh…