On Tuesday, I finished the second sleeve of the sunset sweater. After doing a little happy dance, I tried it on and promptly realized that I’d decreased a few too many stitches in those last 6 inches, and that the cuffs didn’t match.

After a few minutes of pouting, complaining, and unsuccessfully trying to convince myself I’d never notice, I tore back and began knitting the last 6 inches again. 

Later that night, I snipped a stitch about an inch from the hem, and spent Wednesday evening in the basement sitting out our first-ever tornado warning while steadily unzipping a row of stitches. (Photo was taken on the porch after dinner on Tuesday, not in the basement on Wednesday…)

Then on Thursday and Friday, I added an extra 2 1/2 inches, and grafted it back on. I’m happy to say that the graft is all but invisible on both the outside:

and the inside:

I can feel the slight difference in tension where the graft is, but I can’t really see it, even on fairly close inspection.

Yesterday, I blocked.

Today, I tried it on.

And I now declare it perfect.