In the end, I decided not to frog the sleeve. After careful analysis, I determined that I really needed to begin the increases closer to the armpit, not just earlier as I approached the cuff. Fixing the error would have meant pulling back almost the entire sleeve, which I was loathe to do. Instead, I grafted.

I snipped a stitch, excised one stripe repeat, and grafted it back together again. And then, I grafted the sleeve onto the body.

I’m not sure that a one-sleeved raglan is any more appealing than a sleeveless raglan, but I suppose it will do for now. It is at least beginning to look like an actual sweater now, and I am much more at peace with the stripes. The second sleeve is begun, and is progressing about as quickly as the first, but there is hope for a finish reasonably soon.

And, delightfully, it is beginning to feel as if one could possibly need a sweater again sometime in the not-too-distant future. I am even wearing one now, as the cool evening air wafts in my window with a hint of fall. I’m not sure I’m ready for summer to be over, but my mind keeps turning to new sweater ideas as we inch closer and closer to the seasons where knitting holds sway, and I have a feeling that I won’t be too hard to win over.