In all of the excitement of a new lace project, I keep forgetting to post about the sweater progress. I discovered with Irtfa’a that I like to have one complicated pattern that requires thought and one mindless pattern for in-between knitting on the needles. My aunt’s stole (which really needs a name…I’ll have to get on that) is the current challenge project, and the hybrid sweater is the soothing project. Despite lack of blog appearances, it is making quite good progress:

I have about 14 inches of 25 done on the body, so it’s coming along nicely. I’m liking the front cable section a lot, and stockinette in the round is great for blog reading.

There has been lace progress also, but I haven’t pinned it out for photos yet. Hopefully I’ll find time and light to get that done in the next few days. Hope you all had a good weekend!