Fun – diverting, amusing, entertaining (what blog posts are supposed to be)

Funk – a state characterized by lack of energy or motivation (where I find myself)

Funky – strange, but oddly cool, hip (the project on my needles)

I don’t know what’s wrong with me this week…I am just not feeling motivated or excited at all. Ok, I do know what’s wrong. My back is acting up and I’m not sleeping, which leads to taking of Tylenol PM, which leads to grogginess and somewhat improved sleep. The somewhat improved sleep is not much improved, and thus I remain tired and cranky. A typical end of quarter.

This funk might also be slightly related to the fact that I haven’t been out in daylight for more than a few minutes a day all week, and when I was, it was raining. Oh, December in Seattle is a wonderful thing. On the (getting) brighter side, the solstice is only 2 weeks away. Two weeks from today I will have been married 5 years. Two weeks from today I will also be in Massachusetts. That’s right; we’re going home for the holidays after all. That does extend my knitting time, but it also shortens the collapse at home in between quarters time. That’s ok, though. It will be nice to be back, if only for a week.

It might also be because I am suddenly one short month away from being the senior graduate student in our group. as if having been married for 5 years weren’t enough to make me feel old, I am now also supposedly the person that knows the most in my lab, besides my advisor. Wierd. I guess that’s what happens when you’re in your 4th year. It could be exciting, except that the end isn’t in sight. I’m hoping another year or two will do it, but science has a way of not cooperating with your plans, and if there were ever a project that didn’t cooperate, it’s mine. Ah, well. What’s a few more years in school? I’ve been at it continuously for 20 yrs now, so a few more shouldn’t make much difference, right? I think 20 is a scarier number than 5. I should have left that thought unexpressed.

So far, not much fun in this post, I think. Too much “k”, not enough “y” yet. The socks are pretty funky, though. At least this project appears to be going along swimmingly. I have turned the heels, and now just need to work the leg portion of the second pair of socks (I’m starting to get nervous again about how long the holiday knitting is taking…2 weeks, 1 and a half pair of gift-able socks…). I want to do a pattern, but I just don’t know which one. I’m afraid that a complicated one will be too much with such a high-contrast yarn, but something really simple might not show up at all. Hmmm. I think this calls for a Walker consultation. I will have to get back to you on how that goes. For now, look at them funky feet!

Note to self: it is very difficult to get the camera once hobbled by a pair of socks still on circular needles. Either get the camera first, or prepare to call in tolerant husband to fetch it.

There’s a little pooling going on here, but I am determined not to be bothered by it. The colors are so pretty. It shouldn’t matter that they all want to group together on me, right?