This has been a quiet week, knit-wise. Not a whole lot that’s new and exciting going on.

I snipped a couple of stitches and knit an extra inch or so onto the arms of my Seafoam sweater.

They sat just a little higher than I’d like all last season, so I figured I might as well fix that before the wool-wearing begins again.

I started working on a new scarf in another mindless lace (two row pattern, and they only differ by a stitch).

I’m not sure that I love how the color change is playing with the lace pattern; it actually shows up a lot more in the photo than it does in real life. I’m hoping that blocking will help with that, though. I do love the color, which is slightly more red and less purple than is shown in the photo.

And I’m doing some spinning.

This spinning is a bit unusual in that I have a lot of wool to get through and no specific project in mind. It’s the same shetland lambswool that I used for the Embroidered sweater. I bought several pounds of it at Green Castle in 2012, with the intention of knitting one plain oatmeal-colored sweater (check) and one colorwork sweater. I think I have 4 or 5 different colors in the closet, and it’s some of the only wool in the house not in a plastic bin (the way the balls of roving are wound makes it hard to fit). Since I liked the yarn weight that I used for the embroidered sweater, I decided to just spin the rest of it up at the same weight; a slightly heavy fingering weight 2-ply. It will be easier to store, and then when I’m ready to knit it will be all ready to go. In the meantime, it’s a nice mindless evening project, and there’s plenty of wool left to go!

Anything exciting on your needles?