I’ve been working away quietly in the background lately, in the moments between, watching a transformation take place.

The hand-dyed fiber has gone from this:

To this:

Which is slowly becoming an increasingly larger pile of these:

All of the colors look more blue in the photos than they really are. When I have more light, I’ll try again on color accuracy. For now, you get the idea.

I am endlessly fascinated. There are more colors in this yarn than I can give names to. Two colors mix, and suddenly emerge as something completely different, something that I love but would never have known how to make. I am learning so much about color from this experiment.

Looking at the fiber, I could not have predicted how the singles would look, and likewise for the singles and the final yarn. This project started as a surprise; I thought I dyed one thing, and I got another.

It hasn’t stopped surprising me yet. And I’m glad it hasn’t. I can’t wait to knit it up and see the next surprise (so soon!).