I’ve been struggling with the question of how to keep in touch with people in the US that want to know what we’re up to while we’re in Germany. A blog is very much the right format for quick updates, but I didn’t want to use this space for a bunch of personal and travel stuff, since this is a knitting blog, and I want it to stay that way. I don’t think that most of our friends and family are really interested in swatch pictures (though I think I’m up to three of Branden’s friends that read this blog, at least occasionally…go figure).

So, in order to keep this primarily a knitting blog, while still providing information for curious friends and family, I’ve established a new blog for our German adventures. You’re welcome to pop over there and check it out if you like, or just stay for the knitting (and there will be knitting!). We still don’t have internet, but I’ve found the one internet café in the city, and so I think I can probably get updates out fairly regularly.

We had a bit of drama in the travelling when our suitcases didn’t arrive with us, but they made their way to us after a couple of days, so I do still have yarn (and clothes). With both yarn and free time, there should be lots of knitting this summer!