When I posted about needing a new yarn for the next Namaste scarf , Amanda chimed in and reminded me of tencel (thank you!).

Tencel is a fiber that I have often admired but that somehow never stays on my radar long enough for me to use it. Every time I see it, I fall in love with the shiny and the soft and the almost metallic gleam.  I long to spin it someday. And then I walk away, musing on what I might do with such a fiber. And then, I forget. Honestly, I just don’t do a lot of “shiny” in my knitting. I usually stick with simple, unassuming fibers that are beautiful but not necessarily showy.

But the Namaste series demands shine, and drape, and flow. It wants a yarn that can manage a little effortless showing off. The Namaste projects are all accent pieces, defining and centering, structured and bold. Utterly simple, and yet with a presence.

In this, I may finally have found my reason to use Tencel.

A ravelry search didn’t find a whole lot of yarn with a high Tencel content and also a bit of wool (must have wool to help it hold its shape and keep things light in a worsted-weight yarn). Amanda mentioned that Blue Moon had a nice blend. I went and looked. It was very nice.

And so, I am currently waiting (a little less than patiently, I must admit) for a couple of skeins of Blue Moon Marine Silk, in the colorway Copperfine (it’s the one listed as their sample skein, and after seeing it I could have no other).

I’m trying to be patient, but I am so very excited to begin. I wonder what theme this piece will take on?