And I have a new favorite sock yarn.

The fabric is a little bit thick for a sock, but it is really nice. We’ll have to wait for the second sock to find out if Branden will get purple feet out of the deal.

I’m not sure if it was the needles, or the yarn, but this is one of the first socks I’ve knit where I wasn’t itching to be done by the end. I think that’s a good sign.

And, speaking of itching, I think I owe the Alpaca Sox an apology. My feet were itchy last weekend when I wore the socks, and I assumed that it was the fiber. By the middle of this week I had a rash all over both of my arms and most of my legs. I have no idea why…maybe this is my body’s latest fun thing to do to punish me for too much stress? Maybe some new and evil plant has arrived in my back yard and got me when I was outside last Sunday? Dunno. In any case, the itchy appears to have had nothing to do with the socks, and everything to do with my skin. In a strange kind of way, I think I’m glad.

Maybe next week we’ll have two socks. Wouldn’t that be exciting? (Thesis draft #3 is almost out the door, after which I’m hoping that we can return to something like interesting blogging…)