I’m finding it a little hard to keep track of where I am and what I’m doing these days. One thing I know for sure is that there hasn’t been much knitting.

But there has been a lot of travel. To Europe and back in under a week. Four airplanes, two buses, well over 48 hours of travel, two 9 hour time changes. Three days of 18 hour experiments (which went rather well, I think…still need to finish the data analysis). Three days of hearing a lot of French and Italian, not speaking either, but learning to listen.

Back home to a house that’s half packed for the next trip: first a 4 day drive to Wisconsin, and then another couple of flights to Germany.

Today, a trip to the dentist. Tomorrow, a few meetings. Next week, a thesis submitted.

And then, maybe then, a little while to sit and knit. In a place that might become familiar, eventually.

I know that some people get jet-lagged. Is it possible to be life-lagged, too?