I’ve hardly knit at home in the past week. A little over the weekend, and a few rows at night, but mostly I’ve been getting home really late, eating dinner, and heading to bed.

It’s times like this that make me really glad that I have a 20 minute period every morning and afternoon where I am guaranteed to be held captive, with nothing that I can really be doing. Add to that a few days where the commute was 2.5 hours because of snow (each way), and you have a recipe for an almost-finished scarf. Which refuses to photograph nicely, by the way.


I’m into the third skein, and probably only have a few inches left to go. I like this version so much better.  Now I just have to hope that it blocks as well as the sample did.

On Monday night, the being out late thing was actually all about knitting. I hitched a ride from work and went and joined the Madison Knitter’s Guild, which was fun. The group was pretty big, especially since Franklin Habit was there to talk about historical knitting and why one might just be tempted to work through vintage patterns. He really had me at “new stitch patterns.”

This could be trouble.

I picked up a few books from the library, which I’ll probably talk more about later, when I’ve finished flipping through them the first million or so times.

I also met my knitting guide to Madison, in the form of a guild member named Becky who has offered to go on a shop hop together. She’s also introducing me to the Sow’s Ear tomorrow night for their late night knitting. Yay for knitting guides!