I don’t know who sings that song, but it’s stuck in my head. Because really, the knowing when to hold, fold, walk away or run is sometimes very difficult, and it’s always the most important part of this game we call life. I’m at one of those career-changing crossroads at the moment, and I’m just not sure what the best option is. Really, there are no good options. There’s only the hope of things being maybe slightly better than they are now, but at the cost of a lot of time (1-4 years depending on how things turn out, which I have no control over). This isn’t very comforting. So, yes, I am a bit stressed out about work. More than a bit, actually. You may have gathered from my lack of blogging lately that things have been crazy around here. I have gotten some knitting done, and I’ll write about that later, but mostly I’ve been sitting on the fence of indecision wishing that I could just fall off on one side or the other, already. Neither side looks so great from up here, and it’s an important choice. I apologize for being mostly absent, and I hope I’ll be back more soon, but I’m afraid the majority of my time and brainpower is focused in a different direction right now.

On the plus side, it’s a beautiful day outside, and it is a weekend, so I may just find time to clean the house, open the windows, and get some knitting done, all of which will make me feel better. Thank goodness for weekends!