It makes absolutely no sense to go out and buy more yarn when I have barely picked up my needles in months. None at all. But where’s the fun in making sense all the time?

One of my favorite yarn stores had its birthday sale last weekend. Things were 40% off. Need I say more?

I couldn’t believe that their Cashsoft was on sale. I love this stuff. I’ve only knit one stole with it because it’s more expensive than I tend to buy for this weight of yarn. But, at 40% off, it was a really good buy. I couldn’t resist, despite the fact that the one garment I have in this yarn also happens to be in this color (well, the darker of the two). But it’s a great color. I’m not sure how far this will go; I’m always surprised at how fast these little skeins run out, so I got a couple of skeins of the lighter color to match. Not sure yet what it wants to become. For now, it’s just waiting for something special.

This next yarn is the real reason that I went to the sale. I saw this Malabrigo a few weeks ago when we were in the store last, and I fell in love with it. I am not a gold/yellow person at all (love it in flowers, not so much on me), and so I resisted the urge to buy it when I first saw it. And then it haunted me. For weeks. This is a bad picture; it doesn’t show you all the colors of red and green and purple that come out as red melts gradually into gold. It’s not often that I continue to think about a yarn for weeks after saying “no.” And, since I knew it would be on sale, I thought I’d get enough for a small project. Again, no idea what this will become. I’m just breaking all the rules this time.

And then there’s this. I don’t know where it came from, really. It leapt off the wall and into my basket. I have no idea why this particular yarn wanted to come home so badly, but it did. So I let it.

It also had something very specific that it wanted to become. We’re working on that. Swatches soon (I hope).