As I’m starting to finish up, we’re also starting to think more seriously about our next move. This has been somewhat accelerated by an unexpected offer from Branden’s job, which may mean that we’re moving in June rather than August (yipes!).

When we moved in to this apartment, we promised that we’d put the lawn back before we left, and so my garden needed to go (can you imagine someone wanting grass over an herb garden? Insanity, I tell you…)

All of our raised beds now look like this:

The herbs were the only plants I’d carried through the winter, and I potted them all a couple of weeks ago (hence the rash, which is now, thankfully, gone).

I am always amazed that you can stick a shovel in the dirt, pull a plant up by its roots, stick it in a pot, and have it survive. Thrive, even. There might be a lesson there…

Yesterday, my garden moved to a new home. I was thrilled to have someone take it, but a little sad to let it go, too. Pulling up the garden is definitely a sign that we’re getting ready to pull up our own roots and move on. Lots of big changes coming all of a sudden!