What do you do when you feel like you are out of time and way behind in everything? I apparently get a houseguest. Yup, that’s right. At least he’s not very demanding. (And he’s very cute…)

Branden and I fostered for the Seattle animal shelter last summer (a total of 13 kittens in 5 months). It’s a fun thing to do, and a good way to get a kitten fix without becoming the cat lady. But, it can be hard to stop. Especially when you have your own kitten pusher right down the hall. Several of the people in my department are fosters, and one of them is very good about letting me know when there’s another kitten just needing a place to stay. I am supposed to be taking a break from fostering. My allergies (yes, I am allergic to cats, and I own two) are always worse in the winter when the house is closed, and our cats really needed the space. But this little guy needed a place to stay. He’s had a couple of very eventful days at school, and really needed somewhere that he couldn’t escape from. So, he’s now happily holed up in our bathroom, and we have a houseguest.

Given his recent history, we are thinking that Houdini might be an appropriate name. We’ll have to see what he thinks over the next couple of days.