Well, it’s not Wednesday yet, but I think I am actually going to make it to Wednesday, which means that I should make it through the week. Whew. As I’m sure you discerned, I had a bit of a breakdown on Saturday over all the deadlines piling up, but somehow making a public list of the things I was freaking out about seemed to help (private lists had not helped at all…I tried). Really, a seven item list isn’t that bad, especially when one of the items is “all the things I forgot to be stressed about.” I’m not generally the sort to freak out about having to get things done, so I really don’t know what came over me. Anyway, some deadline-based triage has gotten me (mostly) back on track.

Oh, yeah. About that “I can’t make a mistake” bit? The best way to get over that is to just go ahead and make one, on the first day of class. Perfect. At least it’s over with. It’s bound to happen sooner or later, but I really wanted to avoid it for at least one set of quiz sections. The annoying bit is that I’d gone back and double and triple checked in the book on this specific problem, because I wasn’t sure about it. Oh well. I guess that’s teaching. At least this bunch of students seems slightly less hostile than the last set of premeds that I had. They weren’t antagonistic on the first day, at least, which is a relief.

Despite (or perhaps because of) my unexpected catching up on deadlines before disaster struck, I have to say that knitting progress has been non-existent. I did manage to cast on for a pair of socks, as the sweater has grown too big to be portable. And I’ve made a couple inches of stockinette on the sweater arm. But that’s about it. Fortunately, there is no group meeting tomorrow, so I might be able to actually sit down, knit, and relax a bit now that most of the craziness is under control. Is it Friday yet? =)