As things happened, I finished the scarf yesterday morning rather than sometime early last week. Decided to add just a couple more inches, and then…well, it took a while. I cast it off yesterday, wove in the ends, and promptly put it on. And then I didn’t really take it off, which means that it didn’t get blocked. Oops.

I have replaced it with another (also very warm and soft) scarf for now, and the new one is finally taking its bath in preparation for blocking. Unfortunately, that means that photos come later. But it is very warm, and soft, and I don’t really want to take it off, which is a good sign. I think we’ll call that one a success.

After casting off yesterday, I immediately started casting about for some new ideas. So far, nothing is coming, despite a dive deep into the stash proper in search of inspiration. Instead, I finally sat down and worked the sleeve cap shaping for the sweater, and am now working my way down the length of the first sleeve. I wasn’t excited about starting it, but now there is hope that the sweater is actually coming back to life!

In other news, I spent this morning playing around with just one needle instead of two:

This Peaches and Cream cotton is destined to be a new Swiffer cover, as our old one has now officially given up. The crochet is thicker than knitting, and a little bumpier, so I think it will do a better job as a mop. A little humdrum, perhaps, but absolutely the best thing I’ve found yet to clean my kitchen floor!

So that’s about it…this weekend has been a little humdrum in general, but also pretty productive, and I guess you can’t ask for more than that.