Despite continued blog silence, there has been lots of progress on crafty things lately. I finally got around to finishing my latest weaving project on Saturday.

I love the way it came out. It’s made from the same warp as the last scarf (I am quite sure that I blogged about the finished project, but I don’t see it in the archives, and I don’t want to get caught hunting around forever, so an in-progress shot will have to do.) This time, instead of weaving the teal warp with the Malabrigo sock yarn, I wove it in plain weave with a royal blue bamboo yarn, which gives it a beautifully iridescent look.

When I got to the end of the scarf, I realized that I still had some space left, and so I got out some other colors of the bamboo and did some sampling.

It’s really fun to see how all the different colors interact with the teal, and how the different textures show up. My favorite (much to my surprise) is the yellow “hopsack” at the far left in the picture above. I have visions of a teal bag with just an inch or so of trim in the yellow. Someday, perhaps.

In other news, the sweater has reached the vest stage; I grafted the shoulders on Saturday, and am ready to pick up for the sleeves.

The knitted scarf is also nearing a finish; it may even be done tonight, if I manage to tear myself from the computer before bedtime. I did run short on yarn. The second ball got me within about a foot of the length I was hoping for, but Becky saved the day by finding me another skein in the same colorway (the shop where I got it is a 45-minute drive from the house, but she just happened to be stopping by and picked some up for me). I knit happily away on it at the knitting guild meeting on Monday, and it’s pretty close to finished now. Pictures soon!

Both of these scarves fit into the “dressy” category, too. I’m trying to fill in that area of my wardrobe in anticipation of having a “real job” sometime soon. And it doesn’t hurt that they’re also in one of my favorite colors, either.