All this designing requires lots of time for thinking. Every time I hit a snag or need to make a big decision, I walk away and work on something else for a while. This leads to lots of time for spindling.

I finished the silk/merino roving the other day.

It’s about 4 oz (I think), and comes in at roughly 317 m. I say roughly, because my yardstick is the cat scratching post, and I’m not sure that it’s a particularly accurate ruler. So, more accurately, it’s 317 wraps around a piece of wood covered in sisal and fake fur.

Ah, niddy noddy. You are sorely missed.

So, 317 m of two-ply, fingering-to-DK weight yarn (at least before setting the twist…it may end up being a full DK weight by the time we’re done).

I double plied both to even out my spindling and to help keep the yarn stable. The singles would have been a good weight, but I wanted to make a harder-wearing yarn. I know that hard-wearing silk is a bit of an oxymoron, but you know what I mean. Of course, the singles would have been enough for a shawl…

At this weight, I probably don’t have enough for a stole, but I should have enough for a scarf. One more project waiting in the wings, hoping to take form.

(Grey cat added for color comparison. She was appropriately compensated for her assistance with a belly rub.)

This means that I have only about 4 oz of roving left in Germany. I didn’t expect to get through it so quickly, and so I didn’t bring much spinning fiber. This may necessitate finding a yarn shop soon. And that’s just all kinds of trouble.