You know that interview question where they ask how other people would describe you? Yeah, that one.

I’m guessing that most people that I know in real life would use words along the lines of “determined” and “focused” in responding to that question. Maybe even a little too focused sometimes.

This has been the source of endless amusement on my part lately.

Because suddenly, I have no focus. None at all. I am starting and forgetting and wandering away from things left and right. The maple leaf pattern? Oh, yeah. I should play with that some more. The sweater that’s been on the needles for 6 months? Nope, I need a new one to work on. The shawl that I brought vowing to finish? Ha! Work from a pattern?

I can’t even seem to sit down and knit a single round without a million things popping into my head to try next.

Maybe it’s just decompression from grad school. Maybe it’s that I have a half a notebook full of design ideas that I haven’t had time for since I sketched them out a year ago. Maybe it’s that I’m in a beautiful place taking pictures of things that inspire me. Maybe it’s simply that I have time on my hands.

Whatever it is, “focused” is the last word that I would think to apply to myself at the moment. It’s probably a really good thing that there are no comprehensive yarn stores nearby.

I think I’m going to need another notebook…