I hate spam. Generally, I also don’t approve of forwards. I am probably a grouch, but I don’t really do the social network thing, either. This morning, I got an email from my aunt inviting me to reunion.com. I thought this was odd, as it’s not like we went to school together or anything. But whatever. My aunt wants to keep in touch. I went to the website, read it over. It seemed relatively ok. Not really my thing, but ok. So I signed up. Hit continue. And then, it congratulated me on having joined and invited 138 of my 154 contacts in gmail to reunion.com. I may have said some choice words. I may still be muttering them under my breath. What on earth makes them think that I want my entire *?%$# email address book invited to reunion.com??? I’m sorry, but I have no desire to reunite with my first landlord that I probably could have sued for sexual harassment (not sure why his email is even in there, except that gmail stores every email address you’ve ever typed in…). I did not really want to connect with anyone that I have ever bought from on craigslist. I guess it would be nice to chat with people I worked with 8 yrs ago, if they’re still at the company. But it’s not really appropriate to send such things to their work address. And really, I don’t need to talk to myself at my school account. Grrr….

Things like this make me very angry. I know, I probably should have just refused to sign up. I usually do. But there was a chance that this one was valid, and in a moment of weakness, I decided that I should stay in touch with my aunt. And now everyone I have ever spoken to via gmail is on a spam list. I am so annoyed. I can’t believe I let the spambot get me. And, to top it all off, I have gotten an email from someone else saying that they talked to my aunt and she didn’t initiate the darned thing. Just goes to show…when it comes to the internet, being a recalcitrant curmudgeon is probably the best way to go.