Yesterday, I showed you this:

This is some gorgeous local alpaca (comes from the San Juans…it’s hard to get a more local alpaca!) that I picked up at the Weaving Works just before Christmas, when I bought sock yarn for making gifts. I had so many socks to knit that I put it aside for later. It’s been burning a hole in my stash ever since. I think its time has come. The only problem is, I’m not really sure what to do with it. I have 4 little cakes (50g?), probably 150 yds each. Enough for a wide scarf, perhaps? Two more would get me a smallish stole, but I’m not sure I can squeeze one out of the 4 balls that I have. But then, I was really surprised by the last stole; I bought two 700 yd skeins of the DIC Baby, and used a little less than one skein. I couldn’t believe that I got that much area out of 700 yds! It’s probably tempting fate to hope for the same thing twice. Either way, I still don’t know what kind of stitch pattern to use. I’ve been through the Walker books so many times in the past few days, and nothing is jumping out at me. And so, it sits, waiting for the perfect plan.

It amuses me that this is the second yarn in a row that matches my rug. At least it matches my decor while it’s sitting in the knitting basket! It probably also means that I should branch out a little bit with the color selection…did I mention that I have a thing for reds and purples lately?