I made it to the end of the sweater, and had yarn to spare. Granted, it was probably only about 10 yds extra, but it was enough. I blocked it on Wednesday, and it’s finally dry now. We’ve had some unseasonable rain this week, and things have been a little damper than usual.

At the end, the v-neck seemed to be suffering from a tiny bit of bias in the fabric. I swear it wasn’t there in the swatch, but there’s a little bit in the final piece. I’m hoping that a stern blocking has fixed it, as it was only a minor difference.

A larger difference is that the two sleeves seem to be different lengths. I can’t tell you how many times I measured them. One measurement would come out exactly the same, the next an inch different. Back and forth. I obsessed. I am fairly certain that I even counted rows at one point. I measured again and again, and decided to just attach them already. Attached to the body, they looked different lengths to me. But after blocking, I can’t detect a difference, by eye or by ruler. I just hope it doesn’t come back when the sweater is worn…

For better or for worse, it is blocked and done:

And it is plenty long…it grew quite a bit when wet. It might even be long enough to fit for more than a few months (the recipient is sprouting like a weed).

I also spent some time with the alpaca. Mmmm…alpaca.

Two nights, 9 inches. Not horrible.

What is horrible is that my hands have decided to put me in time out. On Wednesday they started the unmistakable tingling that means that knitting must halt, or at least slow down a lot. So, I’ve been sulking about not being able to knit, and trying to do other things instead. The good news is that the lack of knitting means that I have the whole sweater planned out and sketched, measurements taken, and stich numbers calculated. There are worse things to do while in time out. I am hoping to be allowed to play more tomorrow.

I’m also hoping to get back to this: