It happens to all of us, usually when we least expect it.

You stop in at the LYS for something quick, and fall hopelessly in love with a yarn you weren’t even looking for. Maybe you’re good and walk away…you don’t have a project for that yarn, and the stash doesn’t need any more padding. But it calls to you. It sticks in your mind, your hands can’t forget it. You think of a million things you could do with it. It won’t go away. Eventually, you give in to fate.

I found some beautiful alpaca tucked away in the back corner of the Weaving Works last winter. I was looking at bare yarn, thinking about dyeing, and then all of a sudden, there was alpaca. Beautiful alpaca. In natural colors. In huge, soft skeins. At an incredible price. But I had enough projects, so I walked away.

In April, I went back and bought it. When a yarn obsession has lasted 6 months, it’s time to give in. And I had the perfect project.

Alpaca is currently my favorite non-wool fiber. It is so soft, and so warm. As someone that works in a constantly freezing office, I am always looking for warm things. Sweaters, mostly. And I really wanted an alpaca sweater.

I know. Crazy. Alpaca is very warm, and a whole sweater of 100% alpaca is probably just nuts. But maybe not, if the yarn is fine, and the sweater thin.

You do see where this is going, don’t you?

The yarn that spoke to me is fingering weight. Most of the sock yarns I’ve used are thicker, but it’s not quite as fine as laceweight. It comes in gorgeous 8 oz skeins of almost 700 yards each. It takes a size 3 needle. It will look beautiful with a colorwork yoke.

I swatched yesterday. 7 st, 8 rows/in. I must be crazy.

Sometimes, I like projects that make me think. I love lace, with all its fancy stitches and challenging patterns. But sometimes, lace is just too much. My brain yearns for the mindlessness of stockinette. Simple, rhythmic, meditative.

I think I may have gone off the deep end, choosing to knit an adult sweater on size 3needles. Off the deep end, and sinking fast. Into alpaca Oblivion.