We have a pair!

And here’s why they’re called the Blue Sky Socks:

Unfortunately, I apparently forgot to switch back to wool knitting mode when judging the size, and they’re a little loose for my taste. They fit fine, but start to stretch and get baggy when worn (which makes me crazy). I think Branden may have just lucked out, since his feet are just a bit bigger than mine…

I finished the socks Friday, but I was waiting for blue sky to take pictures.

While I was waiting, I started this:

That’s the first cuff for my sister’s birthday sweater. It’s knit in Manos Cotton Stria, which is very soft, but also very un-stretchy. I love the look and feel of the final product, but I’m not loving the knitting as much as usual. But the colors work well together, and I really like the bead flower centers.

My first go at the Fairisle had way too much green in the center of the flowers, so I pulled back and added some more pink. Don’t they look much more flower-y?

I just tried on the cuff between paragraphs. I hope there are leftovers, because they’d make a great set of summer mitts! So soft