Time is one of those things that you really can’t buy. But I can try, darn it.

The sweater is progressing nicely; I’m almost to the point where I split for the arms (I know…I can’t believe it’s going this fast). Since it’s plain stockinette, it doesn’t look much different than it did before, so I will save the pictures for when it has visibly progressed. But, it is growing steadily. That, of course, means that I need to be planning my next project.

Since it takes weeks for me to get through the mulling stage and into actual designing, the fact that I have no new project scheduled is a bad sign. If steps are not taken, this could mean a break in the knitting continuum. That would be bad.

But I am not ready to plan the colorwork sweater. I started the raspberry one to fill the gap while I re-designed the colorwork pattern for the flowers and vines sweater. I thought I’d just get the raspberry sweater out of the way, since it was going to be mostly stockinette, and come up with a plan for the more complicated colorwork while I knit.

The only problem is that I haven’t come up with a plan, and I’m about to run out of knitting again. I’m going to need a plan soon, or risk spending time in the “between” space. We all know how dangerous that is.

So, I did what any sensible knitter would do. I bought some time.

9 skeins worth, to be precise. Cascade 200. For a sweater. For Branden.* That is a lot of time. I might just manage to get the colorwork design finished before I run out again.

I love this color, and it was on sale for 15% off. Not only did I manage to buy time, I even got cheap time. That luck might just be enough to get me through a Branden sweater.

Oh, and the picture? It was taken using my new point and shoot camera. We’ve been thinking about getting a little camera for occasions where we really don’t want to carry the SLR and its lenses around (they get heavy, you know). I now have a very cute little Sony camera. It does a pretty good job, no?

*Yes, I really think it will take that much yarn. I might have one skein too many, if I’m really lucky.