I know, it’s amazing that it hadn’t really hit me yet. I have been in this cocoon of deadlines lately, and it has kept me well away from goings-on out here in the real world.

The denial has just come to a rapid end, however. Packing a suitcase has a way of doing that. We’re flying home for the holidays tomorrow, and so suddenly my brain has transitioned from “I need to finish this chapter” to “what on earth am I going to knit??”

Sweaters are bulky, but I think sweaters are the best option right now. (Nothing else planned, and less than 12 hours to plan anything new. Last minute knit planning is dangerous, anyway.) So, sweaters it is. Too bad they take up so much space. Branden has offered to vacuum seal them so that they fit in the bag. He’s not an enabler at all, is he?

Sorry for the short post, but I really need to go panic now. Pack. I meant pack. =)

We’ll have spotty internet access, so enjoy your holidays if I don’t see you again before then!