After only a short (year-long) delay, the Drishdi pattern is now available on the pattern page and through Ravelry.

As promised, Drishdi is a free pattern; it came to me freely, and so I pass it on to you. Knit, and enjoy.

Her sister scarf, Shanti, is also for sale on the pattern page. A simple modulation on the Drishdi design makes a stunning difference in texture. Both scarves are simple to knit, using only knit, yarn over, and knit2tog stitches. They are the inaugural pair of patterns for a new series exploring the essence of lace. called the Namaste Series.

The Namaste patterns will feature highly textured, simple knitting intended to show off the qualities of a beautiful yarn while creating a meditative knitting experience. Whether a raw beginner eager to try lace for the first time or an experienced knitter seeking the soothing rhythm of a basic pattern, I hope you will find something here.