I don’t know about you, but I’ve been noticing a slow quieting down of the knitting world lately. A shop closes. Someone stops posting to their blog. People stop showing up for knitting groups, or stop working on their projects altogether.

It may be that there just isn’t money to spend on hobbies. Or maybe there isn’t time to sit and knit. But it feels like more than that, to me. People seem restless, eager for something new, almost…ready to move on.

More and more people are talking about weaving, or spinning, but I don’t feel the same excitement surrounding knitting lately. Maybe I just don’t get out enough?

It seems impossible to say this in a city that has the biggest knitting guild in the country, a steadily growing 500+ members, but I see it here, too.

There will always be Knitters, of course. The ones that knit on regardless, just for the sake of making cloth through the magic of two sticks and some yarn. Those of us for whom knitting is a way of life.

But I’m wondering if knitting as a fad is passing on, and if so, what that means for all the people who rely on this robust community for their livelihood.

I have to say that I am the world’s worst supporter of yarn commerce. I don’t want a big stash (though the one I have is plenty large, let me tell you). I haven’t been knitting as much, partly because there simply hasn’t been time, and partly because I find it so hard to sit still in what little time there is. When I do knit, I knit with what I have, and I really haven’t been adding much for the last year or two. It’s not that I’m on a stash diet. It’s just that I have enough.

But I’m wondering how long this bounty of choice will continue. And I’m wondering if maybe, just maybe I should pick up that extra skein of yarn that calls my name; not only to support the businesses that I value, but also to ensure a steady dose of yarn in times of dwindling supply.*

How about you? Are things slowing down in your corner of the knitting world, or are they as bustling as ever?

*Yes, Branden, I know that this is prime enabler material, and that you are reading. I may regret these words the next time I am tempted to buy and self-discipline says that it knows better.