It’s amazing what happens when I knit socks in the evenings instead of on the bus. They go much faster when not in 15-minute intervals.

They also go much faster when I switch to dpns. I have been using 2 circs for quite a while now, because I like to work both socks together. I also use circs for everything else, so it seemed like it would be a good idea to use them for socks. But I think that I like sock knitting much better with dpns. They’re just faster; no reorganizing every 20 or 30 stitches. I also get less laddering.

Of course, I do run the risk of having two different socks when I finish, but I have been taking careful notes and hopefully I will end up with a pair. It’s probably good for me to take notes, anyway; it will be nice to have a record later (even if it’s annoying to make it now). You’d think that I’d be good at record-keeping. Everything I do at work goes into a lab book, and I’m rather obsessive about making sure everything is in there. I think I must use up all of my note-taking tendencies at work. By the time I get to knitting, I have no desire to be a good knitter with a notebook to keep track of my patterns. Maybe knitting socks with dpns will help me get into the habit. Or maybe I’ll get used to fraternal socks.

All this to say that the first member of the second pair of little socks is finished. Two evenings, maybe 4 hrs. Gotta love little feet!