My computer refused to sign onto the internet at my hotel while I was gone, so I am just a wee bit behind on my blog reading (and writing!). I’ve been trying to catch up now that I’m back, and I’m finding it very dangerous. There are so many fun lace projects out there now that we’re heading into summer. I have at least two new patterns that I’m sure I’ll purchase, and several more that I’m thinking about. This, of course, does not include the two projects for which I already have yarn and a pattern. I forsee a lot of lace in my knitting future…

(This is where my practical side steps in to remind me that I’m supposed to be knitting sweaters this summer so that I’ll have them in the fall. And I do love sweater knitting, but I think the practical side might just be drowned out by the siren call of lace.)

I finally finished the little socks for our friends’ kids on Saturday, after neglecting them for weeks. If you’re asking yourself “what little socks?” it’s because they’ve been on the needles for forever and a day. The afterthought heels worked great, though I think I needed to do a little more increase/decrease shaping than I did. We brought them with us when we visited yesterday, and the girls were very excited. Unfortunately, I appear to be out of touch with the size of little people feet, and they didn’t fit. The bigger pair fit the smaller feet (just barely), but the older sister needs a new pair. So tonight, I am casting on for another pair of little socks.

I have been a very bad blogger and neglected to take a single picture in my long blogging absence, even of the little socks with their afterthought heels. Usually I can make up for this by taking pictures when I sit down to write, but seeing how they’ve already been gifted, we’ll have to wait for the second pair or another visit, whichever comes first (hopefully another pair!). So, sorry for no pictures, but I promise I’ll have some soon!