The doorbell rang just a little while ago. It was the UPS delivery guy, with a box full of goodies for the dye studio.

That would be 12.5 pounds of fiber from Copper Moose. I make one of these big orders every year or two, and then all of the dyeing comes from this stock of bare fiber. That way when I am ready to dye there is always something on hand. The last batch of stock has been running dangerously low, so it was time to order more.

This time, we have Shetland, BFL (of course), Polwarth (because I loved its bounce so much the last time I spun with it), Wensleydale, White Welsh, Finn, and Masham. Much is destined for Etsy, and some is for experimenting to see what other fibers might be fun to carry in the future.

Now it’s just a question of what colors to put on them.

I’ve been playing with some Falkland lately, and I’m a little sad I didn’t order some of that, too. It’s lovely stuff. You can’t really see it here because of the cat who was insisting on being in the photo, but at least you also get cat trying to be cute.

(She seriously inserted herself into at least 4 different photos before I gave in. Someone is jealous that the fiber is getting all of the attention.)

I think I might actually have succeeded in spinning this up pretty fine. I’m not sure it will be a real laceweight, but it’s heading in that direction. All of this sweater spinning lately has gotten me into a worsted-to-bulky rut, and it’s proving harder to break out of than I’d expected.

The Falkland is very soft and has a nice loft, but not quite as much as the Polwarth (so I may not end up with my “laceweight” singles becoming heavy fingering weight yarn when I ply, as happened last time!). It’s a nice medium-to-short stapled fiber, and has a good bit of shine for such a fine wool.

I’m about halfway through my 8 oz sampler, so I should have a nice finished yarn to show you soon. It didn’t make the order deadline this time, but I think it’s likely that Falkland will be top of the list for new fibers in the next ordering cycle, if the yarn turns out to be as nice as the spinning has been.