I know it’s been forever, but I think the sweater has finally made enough progress to be worth posting:

The arms are connected, the decreases are begun, colorwork begins in about 5 rows, and suddenly, the middle is over.

I don’t know why this always catches me by surprise, but it does. I settle down into the endless middle knitting, and then I look up and the end is in sight. Not only in sight, but zooming up. And I need to start thinking about what to knit next.

Of course, this time around I could just plan to work on the other neglected projects on my needles. The Tudor Grace scarf has been languishing, and the stash-busting afghan has gotten no love lately.

But then, I could start planning something new, too. Something with bigger needles this time, maybe, so that I have pictures to show every once in a while.

I am thinking about the colorwork sweater that I bought yarn for this spring. I really want to do something with those colors, I’ve been really drawn to colorwork recently, and I am in desperate need of new sweaters. Trouble is, I don’t want strong horizontal stripes, and colorwork has a tendency to make strong stripes. And I don’t think I want to knit a sideways sweater for this project.

I don’t think I want a traditional colorwork pattern, but I really have no idea what it is that I do want. I’ve been trying to find the perfect pattern idea since I bought the yarn, and it’s just not speaking yet. So, maybe a sweater.

Or maybe socks. I would also like to have more socks. I got a pair of shoes with some openwork on the top that would show off knitwear nicely, and Socktoberfest is on. I’m not usually much of a sock knitter, but a few short, quick projects might be in order this fall, and some new knit socks would be nice…

Must think more. (And go finish this sweater!)

Have a good weekend!