No, it’s not as bad as the title sounds. Colorwork and kittens are in separate rooms, with at least one door and a cage between them.

The kittens weren’t supposed to happen. I’m allergic, and having a bunch of foster kittens in the house when it’s closed up for the winter is just not the smartest idea. That is, assuming that I want to breathe.

But…the shelter was full again suddenly with late litters, and they send out these guilt emails saying that they’re desperate, and next thing you know we have 4 new cuddly little bundles of fluff and claws.

But how could we resist these faces?

The little black fluffy one is exactly the color of Oblivion…it must be fate. I could put her on the sweater and she’d disappear (I’m not trying…kittens and colorwork stay in separate rooms!).

I am about halfway done with the colorwork now, which feels like it’s taking me forever after all that mindless stockinette. But, my stitch count is down by about 40%, and I’m sailing into the neck decreases soon. The house has suddenly gotten cold, so I’m really looking forward to having a new sweater!