You could be forgiven for thinking that this site hasn’t really been about knitting lately. What with all the spinning and the dyeing (and even the weaving), there hasn’t been much knitting content around.

That’s mostly because I’ve been knitting a sweater on size 2 needles. And that doesn’t really make for good progress shots. Until now:

The Briar Rose sweater is finally finished. I was hoping to have photos for you today, but it has decided that it is also going to take a long time to dry. (August is like that, I suppose.)

In the couple of days since the Briar Rose sweater was finished, I’ve been zooming along on Branden’s MacGyver sweater. This one is knit from my Shetland handspun, bought almost exactly a year ago at Wisconsin Sheep and Wool. The sheep’s name was MacGyver. I knew from the moment I heard that that it would end up being a sweater for Branden. And so it is.

The wool ended up a little heavier than I was expecting (story of my life, at the moment), but on size 6 needles at 4.4 stitches to the inch it is knitting up amazingly fast. I’m already halfway to the arm split on a top-down Raglan. The knitting is slowing down as I add more stitches, but for now I’m enjoying the speed.

I’m also considering breaking project monogamy and casting on for a lighter-weight project that will be slightly easier on my hands. It’s not completely decided yet, but this sweater is quickly approaching the too-big-to-travel stage, so it may be necessary.