Tonight, I have two things to tell you about.

First, there is a sweater that has two (!) sleeves.

It actually would have had two sleeves sometime last week, except that I ran out of yarn again and had to spin more. Next time, I am going back to overspinning.

Also, the sweater isn’t really done yet. I wanted to check the fit before weaving in ends, and then there was some resistance when it came time to give it back (it is cold in the house now, so I really can’t blame him).  We’ll do a proper modeled shot sometime when it’s been finished and blocked, and when there is light so you can actually see it.

The other exciting thing came in the form of two boxes left on my front porch today:

Don’t listen to the cat. It is not a new kitty pedestal.

Instead, it is another 12 pounds of fiber for the shop, since my last big dye day left me fresh out of Finn and low on Polwarth.  I find that to be infinitely more interesting than a new cat elevation system, but Mischief has yet to be convinced. She will probably be won over in no time once the boxes are open and she can pop in and out of them, though.

This time, I added Falkland to the must-order list, so we have Finn, Polwarth, BFL, and Falkland to play with. I desperately need to do some sampling, but I can’t wait to dive in!